Friday, May 2, 2008

Freebie Friday

Another miserable weather day in Minnesota. Why not spend your time requesting freebies?

TheraCran sample

You can ask for all three at the same time!

(Thanks to Mommies with Cents)

Free Magic School Bus book
go to Freebies 4 Moms to get the instructions

Free subscription to VIBE Magazine

FREE Paper at Office Depot
Bring your empty printer cartridge to Office Depot and they will give you a FREE ream of paper.

FREE Movie Rentals
Blockbuster rewards students by giving free rentals for good grades. Students in grades K-8 with an A or B average on their report cards can present their report cards at a Blockbuster store to receive on free Blockbuster favorite rental.


Book Adventure - This site is a free reading motivation program for kids K-8. Children can create their own books, and earn points and prizes for books they have read.

PBSKIDS.ORG - My three year old is addicted to this site. He knows how to turn his computer on and find this site in his favorites. Very educational while fun!

Learning Planet - Has listings by grade level and subject. They let you know that if you have older kids you can set them up on the 'STUDENTS' page and let them loose.

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