Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Practically Free Trees & Shrubs

The text below is taken from the FreeTreesandPlants.com web site. They have many different varieties of trees, shrubs, flowers and bulbs available. All you pay is shipping and processing fees. Check out their selection and start planning your summer yard today. My part of Minnesota is expecting another snow fall this weekend, so I will be looking with a dreamy eye awaiting spring to finally come!

Do your part to help the environment...hug a tree...then go plant one!

Every year millions of healthy high-quality plants go unsold and are destroyed.

They go to the dump,
They get plowed under,
They get burned or buried.

It's a huge waste.

They come from the very same growers that supply many of the most
famous garden catalogs.

I know because I'm an avid gardener and horticultural photographer. I've taken
a lot of the photos you see in many of those same catalogs.

I also strongly support the sheltered workshop movement.

Hundreds-of-thousands of disabled persons find meaningful jobs in workshops
all across the country.

The ongoing problem is to find work to be done.

We started this web site to help solve both problems. We find unsold
nursery stock and have it packaged by sheltered workshops.

We give away the plants to anyone who will send shipping and processing.

FreeTreesandPlants.com is not a nonprofit charity.
We do not ask for, or accept, contributions or
offer paid memberships.

Except for shipping and processing, Free Trees and Plants .com is a
self-supporting project.

Distribution of the free plants is on a first reserved, first served basis.

When you make your reservation, you will get a confirmation. It will show your
reservation number and what free plants you reserved.

All plants are shipped dormant and bare-root, just like most catalog stock.
We will send your free plants by standard mail.

Shipping and processing covers the cost of:

size sorting
unit grouping
hydro dipping
packaging labor
packaging materials
postal sorting
and postage to your door.

Every step is done manually.

Shipping and processing is only $7.95 per unit. Some catalogs appear to charge
less for shipping and handling. They include part of the cost in the price
of the plants, we can't.

Your plants are FREE. Every plant is as good as, or better than, those
you see in expensive catalogs at high prices. The only difference is
that, unless you want these plants, they may go to waste.

You get free plants. You help stop a huge waste. Workers with disabilities
get meaningful work and a paycheck
. Everyone wins.

Happy planting,

Cheryl Richter

P.S. If you aren't satisfied with your free plants we will replace them without further
cost or send you a refund.

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