Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mom's Favorite Things

When I started thinking about posting my favorite things, this bag is the very first thing I thought of. My favorite things for this week is SNAPTOTES.COM

I have two bags in my house from Snap Totes. Mine is a Everyday Bag that starts at $95.00, and my daughter has a Clutch purse that starts at $50.00. Here is what Snap Totes is, and how it works:

First of all you must have a digital picture that you want on a bag or purse. Go to the Snap Totes web site here to look at the different bag options. They are expanding their collection every year, and it has grown alot. There are many bags to look at from other orders. My bag was on there for a year, but has been taken down to show new ones. When you find one you like, just follow the prompts to download your picture. You can do one side or two sides with different pictures on each side. There are so many options, you will be playing for awhile!

This is the inside picture of my bag. I have my daughters first solo with two different pictures on both sides. I use the bag at dance competitions and conventions only. My reason, I want it to last until she is a senior in high school. As you can see, the Everyday Bag can hold alot of stuff. This is what I typically carry on competition days: program, book, book light, flashlight, large can of hair spray, hair strainer, curling iron, pop or water bottle, snacks, candy of some sort, female hygiene products, pens, highlighters, bobby pins, safety pins, hair brush, hair comb, lipstick, eye liner, a costume, and foot undies. There is normally a camera shoved in there too, but I needed it to take the picture. It is heavy, but the straps fit over my shoulder comfortably so it isn't to bad.

My daughters purse is smaller, but the perfect size for her. I ordered it in black & white for a different effect. She also got the bright green liner to make it pop. Hers fits all that she needs and has tons of room left. She likes caring it to competitions too, it has two pictures of her dance friends from a dance convention a few years back. I know it was alot of money for a young girl, but these are her best friends, and I thought it was worth it. Plus I told her how much it cost, so she does take care of it better.

As many of you know, I like to get good deals. Two years ago when I started looking for these bags, I did my research. Snap Totes was the nicest, best quality bag I could find, and they were the most inexpensive too. Now that's a bargain in my book. I know of at least three good friends of mine at dance that have gotten purses or bags too. Theirs turned out just as beautifully as mine did. This is a high quality company, producing a high quality product. I can not say enough about Snap Totes.
Other ideas for using them if your kids are not in dance?
Sooooo many things:
Sports pictures
Wedding pictures
baby pictures
pet pictures
vacation pictures
Christmas pictures
graduation pictures
family portraits
kids art work pictures
collage pictures
vintage pictures
In Memory of pictures
The possibilities are literally endless. They offer many different collections, including men's and a leather collection. The reusable lunch bag or messenger bag will probably be my next purchase!

So go check out Snap Totes to see how your picture will look on a bag or purse. With Mother's Day coming up, this would truly bring tears to her eyes!

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dancermomma98 said...

Hey my kid is on this... kinda, atleast half of her is!!!

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