Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mom's Favorite Things

Do you already receive the Family Fun Magazine? It is a great magazine about crafts with kids, vacation ideas, and fun stories about real families. I have been reading this magazine for over 5 years now.

Did you know they have a Research Panel? It is free to join, and they send you a few e-mails throughout the year. They are looking for input about story ideas and want your ideas and tips. I have been on the research panel for a few years now, and have answered all the e-mails but one. If they select your story or idea they can print it in the Family Fun magazine and you will get paid $100 for it! After each survey question you are entered into a drawing for cash prizes. Plus after you answer two surveys you are eligible for a free prize! Last year we won a craft project of decorating your own Frisbee. Today I got to choose between a free Family Fun book or a free one year subscription for myself or a friend.

We have never won the drawing or been in the magazine yet, but the prizes have been coming in the mail. You do not have to have a subscription to Family Fun to be in the research panel, but some of the questions are about their advertising in the magazine. Alot of the idea questions are about things you do around your house, and their is often a place to download your picture to go along with the story.

Sign up today to be on the Family Fun Research Panel, it is easy and one of my favorite things.

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Heather at Freebies 4 Mom said...

Great to hear about! I've been reading this magazine for awhile and had never heard of the Research Panel. Thanks for sharing!

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