Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great Victoria's Secret Clothing Sale!

Edit: It has come to my attention that Victoria's Secret has caught on to the coupon codes, and they will not work together anymore. But they will still work seperatle if you still need anything. Hopefully you all got your purchases in already.

This coupon code expires in 2 days, so act quickly!

Thanks to MindyLoo at A Full Cup for this awesome deal.

Remember to change the sizes to find what you need.

MAKE SURE you do them both in separate transactions or this will not work.

Use codes:

SP810573 ($5 off purchase, exp 4-23)

TRYVS - (free shipping exp 4-18)

Really you can get anything over $5 for very cheap, these were the least expensive on clearance of course you can get anything else you want for a few dollars more.

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tweezle said...

Sadly - the codes no longer work together. There supposedly was a system glitch, and those that got their orders in on Wednesday could use both together, but the mistake was caught.

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