Monday, April 7, 2008

Energy Saving Tip-Of-The-Week


You should not have your water heater set above 120 degrees.

First check to make sure where your is set. If you don't have a numerical reader, turn on the hot water for a minute. Take a sample and test the temperature with a meat thermometer. If it is too hot, turn it down a little at a time and check it this way in a few days again to see where it is at.

A few degrees won't make a difference in your shower, but it will on your gas or electric bills!

If you are headed out of town for the weekend or longer, be sure to turn down the water heater. Nobody is using the hot water at your house while you are gone, so why pay to heat that water constantly? Remember to turn it back up right when you get home, and don't go take a shower or bath right away!

If you are in need of a new water heater, be sure to check out solar water heaters. They will save you money in the first year. They are the newest and easiest thing to do for the environment and your budget.

Make sure your water heater is well insulated so as not to waste the heat into the air.

Have it checked every year for efficiency.

Make sure it is Energy Star Rated.

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