Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eco-Friendly Tip-of-the-Week

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First of all

I was thinking about which tip to use today on Earth Day. I have so many written down, and was not sure which to use. As I was packing my kids lunch for school it hit me...their lunches.

My kids have a no-throw lunch at school.

Here is how it works:

they have reusable lunch bags (not paper ones)

I use wrap-n-mats to wrap their sandwiches in (not baggies)

the fruit, yogurt, apple sauce or whatever is stored in a small glad ware container

they get "real" spoons (bought at a thrift store in case they loose them)

and they get real cloth napkins (also bought at a thrift store for 39 cents)

So the only thing they are throwing away is the milk carton they get at school. And realistically they could be reusing them if need be. My kids were a little worried about what their friends at school would say about their wrap-n-mats and cloth napkins. But I am so proud of them, they are converting their friends to a no-throw lunch too. Imangine how much garbage we could keep out of the land-fill if every kid in America did this!

What are you doing to celebrate the Earth today? Please leave a comment and share with the class.

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