Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Target Deals Today

Well I took the plunge today and went shopping at Target with all three kids in toe. They are on spring break, and I had too many coupons to use up this week not to go. So I promised them all a "special" candy bar if they behaved (which they did). Here is what I ended up with for this week.

8 bags of frozen vegetables (Coupons here & here)
5 boxes Au Gratin potatoes (Coupons here & in paper)
4 cans frosting (Coupons here)
1 Soup at Hand (Coupon here)
8 boxes granola bars (Coupons here & here)
1 box Quaker granola bars (coupon from paper)
1 bottle dairy creamer (Coupon from paper)
2 Russell Stover Easter Bunnies (Coupons in paper)
1 gallon skim milk (no coupon)
1 package Crisco shortening (no coupon just on sale)
4 bottles Irish Spring body wash (coupons from paper & on clearance & get a $5.00 gift card too)
3 "special" candy bars (Target register coupon & coupon from paper)

For everything it was $37.27 out-of-pocket. I did use my 10% employee discount, so that does help the total a little bit. But you get the idea of my deals for the week.

At some stores Pop Secret popcorn is on clearance at $1.68, with the $.60/1 coupon here they would be down to $1.08. I bought four boxes earlier in the week.

The Irish Spring wash is on clearance for $4.24 for two bottles, plus when you buy two you get a $5.00 gift card. There are $1.00 Target coupons from the paper a few weeks ago and $.50 coupons from last week. So if you had all the coupons you can get 4 bottles of wash for $.12 a bottle! Even without the extra coupons you can get them at $.87 a bottle. Pretty good deal no matter what.

Betty Crocker frosting tubs and Au Gratin potatoes are both on a mark down to $.99. With the above coupons you can get them pretty cheap. But the best deal is the one Soup at Hand. They are marked at $1.32, and the coupon is $2.00 off one can. So you get it free with a $.68 overage.

Happy Target shopping!

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