Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Target: Deals on cereal

I had the most fun at my Target this evening. I needed to go fill out some time off requests for next month, so I took along my coupon box to get some cereal while I was there. Honey Bunches of Oats is on sale this week for $2.24 a box (including the larger family size). I had four $2/1 coupons for the chocolate variety, (coupon, coupon, coupon) but they work for any variety. So, for four boxes of cereal with coupons and 10% employee discount it ended up costing me 8 cents! That is only 2 cents a box. The best part wass the look on the cashier's face when he said 8 cents please. A friend of mine was cashiering next to him so I had to walk over to show her my reciept.

My family now has enough cereal to last a ouple of months. The experiation date isn't until January of 2009, hopefully it will be gone by then.

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