Monday, March 24, 2008

Shopping List for the Week of March 24th

I hope you all had a relaxing Easter yesterday. The Easter Bunny had a blast with the string all around our house (see earlier post). The kids had a fun day with their cousins and extended family. And I spent the evening with the paper and coupons figuring out what we needed for the week. There were no coupons in the paper this weekend due to Easter, so I had to make-do with what I already had on hand. So here is my list and stores I will be visiting this week just to give you all an idea:


Idahoan potatoes 10/$9 have 2 $.40 coupons

Kellogg's cereals 3/$6 have $3/3 coupon

General Mills cereals 2/$4 have 3 $.75 coupons

Banquet frozen meals $1.00 each
Fresh Mushrooms $.89
Pillsbury cake mixes $1.00 have 2 $.35 coupons

B1G2 Cub Coupons!


frozen pizza

frozen sausages

hot dogs

instant oatmeal

grape juice

canned tomatoes

frozen fish sticks



Stoneyfield farms yogurt $.89/each have $1/6 coupon

Natural Lays potato chips 2/$5 no coupon

Rice-a-roni $1.00 each no coupon

Bologna $1.00 no coupon

pepperoni $1.00 no coupon

Herbal Essences shampoo $2.49 have $2.00 coupon


Completes meals B1G1

Scott Toilet paper 2/$5 have 2 $.75 coupons

Murphy's Oil Soap B1G1 have 2 $.50 coupons

Ice Cream for DD 2/$3



Yoplait yogurt 3/$1 have $1/6 coupon

peanut butter $1.00 no coupon

Daisy Sour Cream $1.00 have $.50 coupon

Warm Delights 2/$3 have $.50 coupon

Pop Tarts for DS 2/$5 have $.50 coupon

Chex Mix $1.00 have $1.00 & 2 $.50/2 coupons

Green Giant boxed vegetables $1.00 have 2 $.50/2 coupons

Toaster Strudels 3/$5 no coupons :(


Kandoo wipes $1.99 have $1 coupon & free tub w/ purchase

Stouffer's Meals 15% off have $.75 coupon

Sunsilk Conditioner $2.79 have $1.50 coupon


Sweet & Sour Beef stir fry $3.99

Cream Cheese Wontons $1.99

Chicken Fried Rice $2.49

Sweet & Sour Chicken $2.99

(Asian night this weekend!)

I am sure I will find other things, but these are my deal of the week. Those Cub buy 1 get 2 coupons are my favorite. You can get alot of food for not alot with these. I am sure I will have to hit CVS too after I read the other blogs and see what else I can get for almost free. I am also excited about the StoneyField Farm yogurt being on sale at Rainbow. It is an organic yogurt and their banana flavor is the best banana I have ever tasted.

Have a happy shopping day (now that the kids are back in school!).

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