Thursday, March 27, 2008

RedBox Free Movie Code

This weekends FREE DVD REDBOX CODE is DVDONME .It is kind of hard to read all smooched together it is DVD ON ME all one word.

Remember you still have to swipe your credit card, but return it by the next day at 9:00pm and it will be totally free. You can return it to any RedBox location. Cub Foods now has locations too, so you can grab your movie while getting your groceries for the weekend.

Let me know in the comments what movies you have rented with these codes. We rented Nancy Drew last weekend, and No Country for Old Men the weekend before. Not sure what movie I am going to get for this weekend.

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Brenda-Marie Hoffman said...

Thanks for sharing all these great tips with us because I'm a broke mom too! Since you share all these great things with us I wanted to share something that I found with you: It lists lots of free red box codes so you can have 1 whenever you need 1.

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