Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Target Shopping Trip 3/30/2008

Well my shopping trip started out early today. I was scheduled to work 9-5 today, when I noticed alot of Easter coming through my lane. I did not know that Easter went to 90% this morning. I asked to take my first break early (before the after church crowd came in). I bought 22 stuffed animal Easter baskets! They were Spiderman, Transformers, Superman, Disney Princesses, and lots of animals like dogs, turtles, snakes and such. These will not only work great for Easter next year, but for Halloween Trick-or-Treat baskets this October. I can also use them for baby shower baskets, or for the kids to just play with! By the way all 22 baskets and a bottle of vitamin water.......$19.92. Now that's Easter shopping.

After work I hit the grocery part of the store. I ended up with:

8 bags of Goldfish on sale & using this coupon

10 microwave Campbells soups with coupons from Sunday paper

2 Apple Cider jugs on clearance

2 small bags cat food with Sunday papers get one free coupon

1 Bottle of Windex with coupon from Sunday newspaper & Target register coupon

3 bottles of marinade on clearance

All total before discount & coupons $66.79

After coupons & discount $28.63

My kids were so happy to have so many flavors of Goldfish in the house. And my husband was happy for the different flavors of soup for lunch at work. And I did all that before even opening this morning Sunday paper. Now I have to go through that and see what else I the Yoplait!

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