Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Earth day is coming up fast, it falls on a Tuesday this year April 22nd. While you are out planting trees and picking up garbage make sure you are wearing the latest fashions. Cafepress is holding a free shipping sale on orders over $75. They also have some really clever and thought provoking Earth Day t-shirts, tote bags, buttons and baseball hats. My favorite is the "My Mom recycles more that your Mom" which I have pictured above. The great thing about Cafepress is that you can order that design on many different styles of shirt and tons of sizes to fit anybody from infants to XXL. You can also click on the button on the left side if you want to start designing and selling your own products too.

I have made and ordered many t-shirts from this site, and can recommend them with confidence. The three designs at the top are my own designs and my children do wear them proudly. Their stock is always changing and have SO many different designs to choose from. So go have some fun and look around here.

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