Friday, March 21, 2008

Deodorant & Oral Care Free Samples

Here are my freebie finds for this week: DEODORANT & ORAL CARE

When the weather starts getting warmer, I think about staying drier, so that got me to thinking about deodorants. My kids love these trial sized freebies. They throw them in their dance bags to help control the stink. They always keep one in their overnight bags for going on sleepovers at friends houses. Plus these are the perfect size for traveling.

There are not very many free samples for the asking, but there are places to join their website and they will send you samples & coupons. So if it is the brand you like why not try it out.

Degree Men......$2.00 coupon here

Degree Woman.....$2.00 coupon here

Degree Girl.....sign up for samples here

Arrid XX .....sign up for samples & coupons here

Dove sample here

Here are a bunch of tooth paste offers, coupons & free samples I have found. These are also great for traveling. I am stocking up for camping this summer. There is nothing worse than trying to cram all of my "beauty supplies" into one little bag for the week. sample here

Aquafresh.....$1.50 off coupon here

Aquafresh Advance.....$1.00 coupon here

Aquafresh Whitening Trays.....$5.00 coupon here

Arm & Hammer sample here sample here

Sensodyne .....$1.00 coupons here

Crest White Strips.....$7.00 coupon here

Crest Cabinet

Colgate .....$1.00 coupon here

Colgate Healthy Heart sample here

DenTek.....fill out questionnaire & pick TWO free samples here

Reach Access sample here

After receiving all these free samples and using the coupons when the items go on sale, we should all be smelling great with our pearly white teeth! Happy Brushing.

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