Thursday, March 27, 2008

Attention all Anoka County Gardeners

Anoka County 2008 Spring Compost Bin Offer

The Home Composter® retails for $69 but you can get it for $30, including tax. Read more about the bin.

It's easy to get your own compost bin at a great price!

Fill out the form below by April 1. You must be an Anoka County resident to request a bin. Limit one bin per household.

On the form, indicate the location where you'd like to pick up your bin. Read more about the locations.

You'll get an e-mail or postcard back from Anoka County, telling you when and where to pick up your bin. Pickups begin April 18 in most locations. Read more about program details.
Bring along a check for $30.00, payable to Anoka County, when you pick up your bin.

Then you can start turning your food and yard waste into a rich compost that improves your soil. Learn more about the benefits of backyard composting.

This program is sponsored by the Anoka County Board of Commissioners.
Buy the way, I did purchase this exact composter last fall and have been using it all fall and winter. I have mine placed at the bottom of the deck. That way the kids have a game with it throwing their food scraps over the edge of the deck. It was real fun after Halloween throwing the pumpkins over. Now if the weather will ever get nice, hopefully I will have some nice compost to use in the garden this spring.

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